Shockwave Therapy for ED

ShockWave Therapy for ED in San Jose, CA

Shockwave Therapy is the most exciting development happening in the field of erectile dysfunction treatment right now. . Shock wave therapy was originally developed in Germany and was first used to treat kidney stones in the mid-1980s. Despite the name shock, wave therapy actually has nothing to do with electricity or anything most people will consider to be a shock. In fact, it is a painless way for certain men to improve their erections without pills, shots or procedures in the operating room.

Shockwave therapy for E.D. is a promising new therapy in which short pulses of focused shock waves with very low-intensity energy waves are directed at the penis to improve blood flow and increase natural erectile function. New blood vessels are formed, which might help to increase blood flow, and this may also result in an improved ability to get and maintain an erection. The original use of low intensity shock waves was in orthopedics where it has not been clearly established that delivery of this energy to poorly vascular tissues such as cartilage and ligaments induces small blood vessel ingrowth and facilitates healing.

Shockwave therapy consists of several sessions that can be repeated if necessary. More and more men are pointing towards shockwaves as a solution to vascular erectile dysfunction, and there is a lot to like about the treatment. It has no downtime and comes with virtually no risks or side effects. It is a clinically proven treatment, with each session only taking 45 minutes in our office. It is recommended to complete 6 sessions (1 session weekly x 6 weeks). This can be tailored slightly for men who have travel or other conflicts. 

The theory behind how shockwave Therapy works

The main portion of the machine known as the “generator” creates low-intensity acoustic shock waves that are delivered via the handpiece; this is then transmitted through a gel to the tissue that is being treated when these shock waves are applied to the erectile bodies of the penis also knowns as corpora cavernosa, they produce the healing response that promotes better blood flow and ultimately better erections. Now, this doesn’t happen overnight.

The Shockwave themselves are not thought to immediately improve blood flow on their own. Rather, the body’s healing response is believed to make the difference. Consequently, most men don’t report seeing the full benefit of their shock wave therapy until sometime following treatment.

Shockwave therapy for E.D. has been studied extensively and multiple randomized clinical trials. 60-70% of men experienced treatment success. This meant that 6-7 out of 10 men experienced an improvement in their erection that was determined to be clinically significant in a way that made a real difference in their lives.